Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stop breaking habits and stick to your commitments

(photograph courtesy of kevindooley)

One of the best ways to form a habit is to repeat over and over again. I'm sure you've heard the statistic before, but if you do something for at least 2 weeks, you are much more likely to stick to a habit. This includes running in the morning, eating healthy meals, or reading a book that you have always wanted to finish.

More important than forming habits, the key to keeping habits is to make it a habit of not breaking them. As someone once said, 'Quitting is a hard habit to break.' This is such a deep quote, but rings true for everyone.

In short, keep to your commitments. Make it a habit to stick to what you've set out to do. This even includes things such as meeting up with friends/colleagues, keeping promises, and sticking to goals you've set out to do (whether you've been vocal about them or not!). A nice side benefit is that others may notice your commitment and integrity ('Wow, you always do what you say you're going to do!'). And trust me, people notice this sense of commitment, especially in younger people. If you can set a lunch meeting with someone a week ahead and not need to do a 'check-up call to make sure you're still on,' then you've found someone with great commitment. It's noticeable and appreciated by many.

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